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Sabbadanam dhammadanam jinati

( The gift of the Dhamma excels all gifts )

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Association with the Wise

Verses from Dhammapada highlighting the benefit of friendship with wise people. Do Not Associate With The Ignorant If a wayfarer fails to findone better or equal,steadfast he should fare alonefor a fools no fellowship.Verse 61, Dhammapada Explanation: People need companions. But if one does not find a person who is better than, or at least equal…

Parallels between Buddhism and Science

Modern science and Buddhism have so much in common. Buddhist practice and scientific inquiry are both based on finding unconditioned truth through empirical observation. The Buddha himself said in famous Kalama Sutta , “Don’t just believe in something because it has been repeated by many people… even if it is found in holy scripture.” In…

Buddha & His Contemporaries

In the 19th century Buddhism was virtually extinct in India and now it has only 8.4 million followers and 87% of them are new Buddhists. The faith which took birth and flourished once on this soil has very less followers now. One of the cause of Buddhism’s demise on its own motherland was absorption and…


Many religions around the earth talk about the spiritual enlightenment in their teachings but not every religion has made it their final goal. Some religions emphasize on attaining heaven or believe in afterlife where one’s soul can rest in peace eternally with god. In Indian religions, earliest Veda Rig Veda describes about people expecting to…

all conditioned things are impermanent,all conditioned things are painful,all dhammas are without Self